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experience to be trusted

about us

3RD Energy services is an oil and gas marketing, trading and Supplies Company incorporated with a commitment to advance the security and sustainable supply of oil and gas to private and public establishments including the banking sector, construction companies, agriculture and other sector of the economic where power is an essential requirement for the development and smooth operations of their business.

3RD Energy services, and operations are enhanced by the presence of a core group of expertise and the management staff whose responsibility is to offer a spectrum of convenient solutions to a growing customer base.

What makes us standout


We provide speed balanced with efficiency

The speed at which we deliver our services is a major indicator to our growth measurement.


Experience and Innovation

With the number of years we have experienced in this sector, innovation has been our light to illuminate the dark paths to achieve better service delivery.


Best possible

We deliver all our services with our focus on protecting lives and properties. Safety measures are integral to our service delivery.

Our Work Process

Our Approach is customer-centric. We put our customers first in every of our planning as we keep looking for better means to satisfy all partners and clients that’s why Our work Process is like this:


Discover oportunities

We give so much interest into opportunity discovery. We go all out to discover what is, and what else we can do to offer value. 


Build Relationships

We don’t just serve, we build relationships that lasts, our clients can testify to that. We believe that transactions are better when we know how to serve our customers better through relationships.


Innovation & Technology

Better ways to serve clients through the ever-changing technology in this tech-world.

our vision

Being a team with a culture of excellence, and seeking to always improve on ourselves, we see ourselves moving to the top of our industry. For this reason, our vision as a company is to be the Nigerian energy company of choice.

our mission

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers more and surpass their expectations better each time we try.  The desire to meet this high standard we have set for ourselves keeps us working harder and harder, and pushing the bar even further, to keep us ahead of the competition. This mission is reflected in our value statement.

greatest asset

our people and community

Coming soon.

We are building a community of people that will be growing as we are through becoming an agency that distributes our products. In formation on that will be out soon enough.